Callafornia Callas - The Most Vibrant Array of Colored Calla Lilies!
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About Us

Our Calla Lily Flower Farm

About Us

CalCallas is part of a fifth generation family farm with over 100 years of experience. We grow calla lilies year round on over 1,000 acres in the Monterey Bay. Our central California coast location provides a year round climate that is an exceptional environment for growing the finest quality calla lily blooms. Our seasonal flowers include Aloha Lily eucomis, amaryllis belladonna, scilla peruvianna and tuberous begonia blooms. From the seed to the flower bulb that blooms, the fresh cut flowers you receive are a true American grown product.

About Our Flower Bulbs

Our fresh cut calla lilies are grown from Callafornia Calla bulbs, a unique genetic line of zantedeschia (calla lilies). With over 40 varieties on the market today, Callafornia Calla bulbs are known around the globe for producing the most vibrant array of calla lilies. Callafornia Callas flower bulbs are available for purchase at