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June Bloom 2014: Calla Lily Flower Fields

Posted on Friday, July 18th, 2014 and is filed under News

June Bloom 2014: Calla Lily Flower Fields

June Bloom: Calla Lily Flower Fields

June Bloom arrived a little early this year. From mid- May through June our calla lily flower fields were in full bloom. We grow our calla lily flowers and other specialty flower crops throughout Monterey County and Santa Cruz County. This year’s June Bloom was unique. For the first time in many years the public was able to see our costal  flower fields. During this year’s Kitayama Brothers Open House, part of the Monterey Bay Greenhouse Growers Open House Event our callas were in full bloom for attendees to see.

Black Calla Lily Flower Field

Yellow Calla Lilies

 Orange Calla Field

Yellow Callas

Mixed Colored Calla Lily Field

Want to see more photos of our calla lily fields– June Bloom 2013

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This entry was posted on Friday, July 18th, 2014 at 8:58 am and is filed under News.
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2 responses to “June Bloom 2014: Calla Lily Flower Fields”

  1. Eugene Louie says:

    I was hoping the public would be allowed to view and photograph your calla lily ca coastal farms, is this happening in 2015 ?

    Are the white flowers blossoming now?
    Eugene Louie

  2. Erica Zuvela says:

    Hi, I was actually wondering if you allow people to do maternity photo shoots here. I was looking for a flower field and this beautiful field popped up. Thank you,

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